Planning to visit Haridwar the holy city and dreaming about a sacred dip in divine river Ganges that’s great.

Bhaj Govindam is the only resort of its kind in the holy city of Haridwar with the soul aim of promoting yoga, meditation & Ayurvedic classes (Regular Teacher). Bhaj Govindam offers Holistic Experience (like private Ghat, Evening Ganga Aarti, Yagya other Hindu rituals activities), located on the bank of Holy River Ganges, just 500 mts away from har ki pauri (one of the holiest places for all Hindus)

All those who are looking forward to have a nice holiday with some very nice, professionals and memorable yoga holidays are welcome in Bhaj Govindam. If by any chance you are coming to Haridwar just for spiritual reasons and need a great stay, just drop in and we will make it a memorable holidays for you. Our Resort also has the distinction of one of the few better places to stay in the holy city of Haridwar.

We are fully confident that Hotel Bhaj-Govindam is the perfect choice at any time of the year to have relaxing holidays, to enjoy a peaceful break, to unwind after accumulated stress, to delight in the best conditions of privacy and tranquillity and to regain the well-being that we all need.

Here in Hotel Bhaj-Govindam you can experience the ancient -living-culture of our Great rishi-muni’s as well as our ancient society and by the side you also can enjoy the luxuries living in a heritage style suits

During your stay in our hotel everyday when you wake up in the morning, you can have a great view of the Blue Mountains, the range of Great Himalayas and also the flowing divine Maa Ganges, rising sun, the sweet chirpping of birds. Here you can start your day with listening the chantings of mantras, perform the surya-namaskar, sit in the dhyanam (meditation),have a holy dip in Maa Ganga ,do Pooja’s and Yagya’s, study the holy scriptures and know the real vedic ritual and traditions.